STIMULI Album Update

The band is excited to finish its debut album and are still hard at work doing so - a 2018 release date looms somewhere just beyond the horizon!
Drums, bass, guitars and theremin(!) have been recorded to date with supplemental instrumentation and vocal tracking currently underway.
Beyond that, mixing, mastering and completion of album artwork remain to be finalized.
The full-length album will be titled 'They Are We’. In addition, the title track They Are We will be the lead single from the album.
A heavy, grooving track that exemplifies the musical chemistry of the trio, the song's lyrical tale serves as a solemn reminder of human interconnectedness in the midst of a divided world.
As the recording process continues, production of a video for They Are We will also begin in the coming days. 
With it serving as the first example of the band's new music to the world, the band is equally as excited about this video!

Spring/summer live shows in support of the album are culminating, check the tour section of the band's website for updates.

We've had a lot of fun making this record and think you'll enjoy what we've been up to.

- Jimmy, Cole & Tai